Industry Focus - Retail

“Retail is growing at an unprecedented rate”

- Katherine T. Mance, National Retail Federation Foundation Vice President,  June 2004

The retail industry is growing, competition for qualified employees is increasing, and employee turnover remains high. PsyMax has the solutions to meet your human resource challenges.

PsyMax Understands the Unique Challenges of the Retail Industry

  • Store Manager Teams Drive Success: In the retail industry, store manager teams have a great influence on success because they have a direct impact on store operations and profits. When managers are not effective the result is employee turnover, inventory shrinkage, and mediocre customer service. PsyMax has innovative and powerful online assessment tools to help you with employee selection and employee development of exceptional retail store managers.

  • Keeping Competent Employees: Large merchants spend an average of $77 million a year in severance and other employee turnover-related cost.  Research indicates that keeping the right people means offering career growth opportunities. Retention is about more than a paycheck. PsyMax has career development products and business solutions that allow you to build, motivate, and keep your management team at an affordable price.

  • Customer Service is the Cornerstone: Excellence is the only acceptable level of customer service. Getting to that level requires a competent, well trained workforce led by managers who know how to champion the customer service philosophy and teach its best practices. PsyMax can help you find the type of managers who will give you the customer service you want in your stores.


The PsyMax research team has determined specific work style behaviors that differentiate the more successful from the less successful store manager.  For example, in some organizations, successful managers:

  • Demonstrated take-charge, assertive styles
  • Were comfortable influencing people.
  • Directly and candidly communicated opinions and provided feedback; dealt with tough issues directly
  • Showed efficiency in handling details and keeping things running smoothly


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