Industry Focus - Restaurant Management

There will be a 15% growth in restaurant manager positions over the next decade. 

- “State of the Restaurant Industry Work Force: An Overview” April 2003

Finding qualified employees, especially managers, will remain a restaurant industry challenge. In fact, the workforce needs are so great that the food management industry has been included as part of the President’s High Growth Job Training Initiative. At PsyMax we can help you meet your most pressing needs – selecting exceptional manager’s who can successfully guide your business to success.

PsyMax Understands the Unique Challenges of the Restaurant Industry

  • Legendary Cost of Turnover: According to Bliss Associates, employee turnover cost calculations easily reach 150% of an employee’s annual compensation. This cost is significantly higher for managerial positions. Employee turnover undermines both customer service and profits. PsyMax can help you reduce employee turnover with quick, accurate, and efficient tools for employee selection and practical and sound tools for retaining high performers through employee development.

  • Selecting Good Managers is Critical to Success: Restaurant manager is one of the most difficult positions to fill in the industry, and the number of qualified candidates is decreasing. In the fast-paced restaurant business, management turnover can bring productivity to a screeching halt. PsyMax tools allow you to determine the factors most critical for management success in your business and select those employees who best meet your specific needs. Our employee development programs quickly build management skills in a convenient format at an affordable price.


The PsyMax research team has determined that specific work style behaviors differentiated the more successful from the less successful restaurant managers. For example, in some organizations, successful restaurant managers:

  • Showed resiliency, the ability to quickly bounce back from criticism
  • Controlled their reactions to stressful situations
  • Emphasized efficiency and an organized work style
  • Communicated in a straightforward manner


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