the PsyMax Solutions Work Style AssessmentSM Inventory

More than personality, more than skill set. Harness the power of PsyMax's Work Style AssessmentSM inventory.

What is a person's Work Style?

When you describe people as assertive, cooperative, confident or optimistic, you are describing their work styles. A work style describes how employees act or behave as they carry out their work roles.

  1. Aligning employee work style with job requirements leads to top performance and employee satisfaction.
  2. Identifying the gaps between employee work style and job requirements provides a road map for employee selection, employee development, and employee coaching.
  3. Individuals who understand their work style are better able to make satisfying and successful career choices.

Our Work Style AssessmentSM inventory measures highly relevant work style behaviors that offer insight into four core areas of management performance:

Achieving results – Goal-Oriented, Organized, Influential, Straightforward
Dealing with people – Supportive, Collaborative, Sociable, Persuasive
Solving problems – Analytical, Creative, Decisive
Managing self – Tough-Minded, Controlled, Confident, Independent


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