Industry Focus - Hospitality

A survey of 70,000 hospitality employees identified four key components of peak performance: senior managers who understand the front line work environment; managers who provide honest and objective information and feedback; mid-managers who are perceived as competent; and continuous and frequent performance feedback.

- HVS/The Ference Group & The Center for Survey Research, 2003

In the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction remains the number one objective. Behind that objective is the critical need for employee satisfaction, reduction in employee turnover, and to maintain a smooth running operation.

PsyMax Understands the Unique Challenges of the Hospitality Industry

  • Employees Equal Success: In a survey of hotel managers from over 25 countries, over 57% reported that they are most troubled by human resource issues. PsyMax’s comprehensive online HR solutions reduce the worry. We offer innovative online assessment solutions that seamlessly address employee selection, performance development, leadership, and career retention.

  • Workplace Diversity: The hospitality industry has a very diverse workforce. Hospitality managers must effectively supervise a wide range of people and build service-oriented teams. Through PsyMax Solutions, hospitality organizations can select the right managers with the right people skills and develop them into high performing leaders.

  • Career Awareness: Employees in the hospitality industry often lack an awareness of their career advancement opportunities, which leads directly to employee turnover. To prevent unnecessary employee turnover, PsyMax partners with hospitality companies to develop career planning programs that keep the best employees within the organization.


The PsyMax research team has determined that specific work style behaviors differentiated the more successful from the less successful hospitality managers. For example, in some organizations, successful hospitality managers:

  • Showed high energy and outgoing behavior
  • Were very sociable and had an interpersonally engaging style
  • Demonstrated comfort taking charge
  • Displayed a positive, self-assured attitude


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