Industry Focus - Healthcare

Over the next 20 years an additional 50 million people will require healthcare; yet the loss of RN’s due to retirement or death is expected to be 128% higher.

- National Center’s Health Workforce Analysis, July 2002

The nation’s need for healthcare professionals is dramatically increasing while the pool of available talent is diminishing. Healthcare facilities must compete for new talent and develop existing talent. PsyMax has the solutions to help you with employee selection, employee retention, and employee development.

PsyMax Understands the Unique Challenges of the Healthcare Industry

  • Extreme Vacancy: Nearly 96,000 full-time healthcare professionals will be needed to fill vacant nursing positions at nursing homes across the country. Nurses across the healthcare industry will be retiring in unprecedented numbers within the next decade. Multiple healthcare positions are facing shortages. Extreme vacancy means not only that there is a need for attracting new employees but also working hard to keep the talent you have. PsyMax offers innovative and affordable career planning and employee development programs that increase employee satisfaction and performance.

  • Employees Who Care: Your customers are your patients, and they rely on you in times of need. Employees must have the genuine capacity to demonstrate compassion while also following the fast-paced routine of healthcare environments. Select and retain the professionals who will keep your organization healthy and your patients happy by leveraging PsyMax Solutions' employee selection and employee development tools and programs.


The PsyMax research team has determined that specific work style behaviors differentiated the more successful from the less successful healthcare professionals.  For example, in some organizations, successful healthcare professionals:

  • Were comfortable with procedures that kept things running smoothly
  • Used a cooperative work style that was friendly and helpful
  • Showed an empathic and supportive work style
  • Placed an emphasis on group goals as a priority in the work setting


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