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“Personnel turnover in the insurance industry is notoriously high.  Underwriters, premium auditors, and technical personnel typically move between jobs and companies once their job is learned.” - Premium Review Associates

High employee turnover can destroy customer relationships that have been nurtured over time, and have far reaching implications across the entire organization. Trust takes time to build, and in the financial services industry, is one of the keys to success. Our online employee selection and employee development tools help companies in this industry identify and develop those trustworthy, high performing professionals who stay with the organization and continually produce high-level results.

PsyMax Understands the Unique Challenges of the financial services Industry

  • Career Transplants: Many entrants to financial services jobs transfer from other positions in the industry. PsyMax offers employee development tools and dynamic programs that help new employees make their transition successful. Performance management and development feedback identifies employees’ work style strengths and areas for growth and then systematically guides them through a results-driven action planning process.

  • Moving Out: Over a 10 year period, a claims adjuster may switch positions three or four times. Frequent employee job hopping costs companies more money than they can afford. Lower your employee turnover by implementing our online employee selection tools that secure the best candidates and online employee development tools and programs that keep high performers satisfied and productive.


The PsyMax research team has determined that specific work style behaviors differentiate the more successful from the less successful financial services manager.  For example, in some organizations, successful financial service managers:

  • Successfully sold their ideas and advocated positions
  • Were positive and self assured; focused on success and positive aspects of life
  • Comfortably promoted achievements to gain visibility and recognition
  • Acted assertively to influence others


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