PsyMax Solutions Employee Selection and Hiring

Select the right candidate and hire the right person.

Selection is one of the most important challenges human resource professionals face on a day-to-day basis. Hiring the wrong individual typically costs an organization 150% of the employee's annual salary. The cost of a bad hire is even greater for management level positions.

PsyMax Solutions helps you minimize the subjectivity that leads to poor hiring decisions.  Our online suite of employee selection tools:

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase revenue

The PsyMax Approach to Employee Selection

The PsyMax Solutions Work Style AssessmentSM inventory for Employee Selection gives you the tools to easily and accurately select the best employees for your organization. Independent studies show that organizations that leverage the PsyMax selection products enjoy profit gains and a positive impact on their bottom line.

Build a Success Profile: PsyMax Solutions’ easy to use selection tools help you identify the work style behaviors most critical for successful performance in a particular job within your organization. You can build a Success Profile, using our proprietary Success Profile system, for any position in your company. You can easily compare the work style competencies that are most important for success with the behaviors of your candidates.

Review high value, in-depth information in seconds: Quickly learn about a candidate's strengths and weaknesses on a variety of important work style behaviors. The “Degree of Fit” analysis allows you to instantly see the overall match between the candidate’s work style and the Success Profile that defines the position. The results are delivered in real-time. As soon as the Work Style AssessmentSM inventory is submitted, the candidate’s answers are analyzed, and feedback is produced. The report can easily be viewed through the application or emailed to anyone in your organization who is participating in the hiring process.

Interview with consistency: Let us guide you through the interview process with a battery of interview questions and examples built dynamically, based upon the candidate’s work style behaviors. You can leverage the interview guide to probe the candidate’s potential work style liabilities and confirm the candidate’s work style assets.

Collaborate using the Reviewer’s Forum: Conveniently gather feedback in our centralized Reviewer's Forum, which allows you to share candidate information with those in your organization who select and hire employees. Take into account different perspectives on the candidate’s fit with your organization. Reviewer's Forum is an effective and productive way to collaborate with others in your organization to make the most informed and accurate hiring decisions.

Find out how PsyMax Solutions can help

To find out how the PsyMax Solutions online suite of products can help your organization with employee selection, contact us. You can also request a demonstration.

PsyMax Solutions Employee Selection Products

The Work Style AssessmentSM Hiring the Right People selection report

The Work Style AssessmentSM Interviewing for Excellence interview guide

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The Work Style AssessmentSM Developing Your Potential employee development report

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Career Planning and Exploration

The Work Style AssessmentSM Enriching your Career report

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The PsyMax SolutionsSM Leadership Perception Profiler multi-rater program

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