PsyMax Solutions Employee Development and Coaching

Developing key talent is maximizing your company's success.

Employees will only reach their maximum potential through successful employee coaching, employee mentoring, and employee developmental experiences. Research has shown that employee development and employee coaching are the most productive and sustainable strategy for both organizational growth and long term success. 

The PsyMax Solutions online employee development and employee coaching product suite makes performance development easy to implement and manage. Our development tools:

  • Increase the value of your human capital
  • Build bench strength
  • Coach employees for success
  • Increase productivity
  • Strengthen organizational culture

The PsyMax Approach to Employee Development and Coaching

The Work Style AssessmentSM inventory for Performance Development gives you the tools to develop your employees and coaches.  Independent studies prove the use of PsyMax products have a positive financial impact on organizations that incorporate them into corporate training programs.

Achieve performance improvement: We strengthen performance feedback offered during performance development by highlighting employee work style strengths and offering targeted developmental opportunities. Our products introduce high impact employee development suggestions, pinpoint developmental action steps, and supply worksheet templates and resources to facilitate ongoing performance improvement.

Learn effective employee coaching: PsyMax products offer effective employee coaching strategies and employee development suggestions that advance the coach’s skills and nurture the employee’s growth. We make coaching easy by guiding coaches through the mentoring process with a series of practical “how-to” suggestions and plans. Coaches receive focused feedback about their employees' strengths, opportunities for development, and strong action plans that are linked directly to on-the-job accountability.

Accelerate performance improvements online: Bring coaches, developmental partners and other feedback partners together in an online development forum. Our collaborative online forums provide a vehicle for contributors to create a growth plan or build a performance development program. Step-by-step suggestions for meeting developmental objectives are consolidated and emailed to the target employee on an ongoing basis.

Find out how PsyMax Solutions can help

To find out how the PsyMax Solutions online suite of products can help your organization with employee development and employee coaching, contact us. You can also request a demonstration.

PsyMax Solutions Employee Development Products

The Work Style AssessmentSM Developing Your Potential employee development report

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Performance Development interactive employee development program

PsyMax Solutions Employee Coaching Products

The Work Style AssessmentSM Coaching for Excellence employee coaching report

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Coaching Mentor interactive employee coaching program

Additional PsyMax Solutions Online Assessment Product Lines

Employee Selection

The Work Style AssessmentSM Hiring the Right People employee selection report

The Work Style AssessmentSM Interviewing for Excellence interview guide

Employee Leadership Development

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Leadership Perception Profiler multi-rater program

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Leadership Development interactive multi-rater program

Career Planning and Exploration

The Work Style AssessmentSM Enriching your Career report

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Career Enrichment interactive career program

The Work Style AssessmentSM Successful Career Transition report

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Career Transition interactive career program