PsyMax Solutions Career Planning and Exploration

Nurture growth, enhance opportunity

People have a natural instinct toward growth, and organizations have the opportunity to get a significant return on their investment by developing a highly satisfied work force.

The PsyMax Solutions online career assessment tools help individuals create meaningful career paths. Our career assessment tools:

  • Increase the motivation and retention of your most valuable people
  • Enrich career exploration through thought-provoking and informative guidance  
  • Positively impact career changes by offering a viable transition strategy

The PsyMax APPROACH to Career Planning for Development and change

Our career enrichment tools help employees navigate their career paths within an organization, and our career transition tools expertly guide and sensitively support people through career change.

Maximize career satisfaction: Our career assessment and planning tools help people understand their natural strengths, what they value most at work, and then shows them how to connect that knowledge to satisfying work roles. The result is a road map for maximizing career satisfaction.

Navigate career transitions: In one convenient career planning resource, we provide self-knowledge, career exploration steps, and career decision making strategies. Our products thoughtfully guide an individual through career exploration, career planning, and career transition.

Speed up your career with our online career planning technology: Our engaging interactive career programs lead employees and individuals through the career exploration process. Participants learn how to explore career options, sell themselves, and acquire new skills. Powerful communication tools allow career coaches and advisors to access the program and support the career seeker’s goals. Immediate feedback, ongoing interaction, and step-by-step career planning programs – all at an affordable price.

Find out how PsyMax Solutions can help

To find out how the PsyMax Solutions online suite of products can help your organization with career planning, exploration, or transition, contact us. You can also request a demonstration.

PsyMax Solutions Career Planning and Exploration Products

The Work Style AssessmentSM Enriching your Career report

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Career Enrichment interactive career program

The Work Style AssessmentSM Successful Career Transition report

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Career Transition interactive career program

Additional PsyMax Solutions Online Assessment Product Lines

Employee Selection

The Work Style AssessmentSM Hiring the Right People employee selection report

The Work Style AssessmentSM Interviewing for Excellence interview guide

Employee Development

The Work Style AssessmentSM Developing Your Potential employee development report

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Performance Development interactive employee development program

Employee Coaching

The Work Style AssessmentSM Coaching for Excellence employee coaching report

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Coaching Mentor interactive employee coaching program

Employee Leadership Development

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Leadership Perception Profiler multi-rater program

The PsyMax SolutionsSM Leadership Development interactive multi-rater program