Hiring the wrong person can cost you 150% of their salary. Our online employee assess- ments help you match the best person to the specific job you're hiring for – saving you time, money and headaches.

Employee Assessments

Evaluate the talents of applicants for highly skilled or supervisory positions.

Assess the abilities and work ethic of prospective hourly employees.

Test employment candidates for the skills and personality to succeed in sales.

Check that potential service personnel have the tools required for success.

PsyMax's Five Easy Steps to Hiring the Perfect Employee.

PsyMax makes it simple to choose the right person for the job. Using PsyMax's easy-to-use proprietary personality and work style behavior profiling methods, your company can shift your employee hiring processes into high gear. PsyMax will help you:
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Enhance collaboration and teamwork
  • Cut employee training costs
  • Reduce time spent on interviews
PsyMax tools allow you to create a customized employee assessment that's tailored to the particular needs of your company and your specific job requirements. Job candidates are asked to complete one or several online assessment tests. When they've finished, you'll receive immediate results delivered to you in an easy-to-understand report. You'll see how well a candidate's work style behaviors, personality traits, and values match up with specific job requirements. You'll gain valuable insight into their strengths and weaknesses, and be able to measure how well each candidate compares to one another as well as how they'll fit with your company culture.  PsyMax assessments will help you:
  • Gain insight into an employee's probability for success
  • Weed out unsuitable candidates or costly bad hires
  • Choose top candidates and create a more cohesive team
Let PsyMax assessments help save you time, money and frustration.  Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.

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Why Use A PsyMax Assessment?

whyUseImg PsyMax Assessments help you select and develop the people who are most likely to succeed in your company. Similar to having an organizational psychologist on staff, PsyMax assessments act as a personality scan for potential employees by evaluating how a person will behave at work, relate to others, make decisions, get results, and communicate.  Learn More
Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.51.38 AM PsyMax Assessments reduce the risk of a bad hire. The average monetary cost of a failed hire is 150% of that employee’s yearly salary, and in some extreme cases can run as much as five times a position's annual expense. Wasted time and effort training employees that ultimately leave, lost productivity, and potential business opportunities that may fail are all costs to your organization that could be beyond measure. You simply can't afford to make the wrong choice. Learn More
Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.51.55 AM PsyMax helps overworked HR professionals address the concerns of the modern workplace. Given today’s economic climate, making the best hiring decisions based on interviews alone is virtually impossible. Every open position receives hundreds of applications, many belonging to people with years of experience or advanced degrees. PsyMax assessments provide eye-opening information you just can't get from a resume or interview - information about people's work habits, their personality, and their behaviors. Learn More

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PsyMax Solutions' Work Style Assessment works - plain and simple. PsyMax has been a proven producer.

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